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Workshop Records Pt.2

Hole & Corner founder Sam Walton returns with another episode of Workshop Records. This week the selections come from textile artist Abigail Booth and wood sculptor Max Bainbridge

Listen Weekly 16: Blue

We return to the Listen Weekly series with edition #16 - aka the Blues. Having previously explored the colour orange through music, this time we're exploring the big BLUE...

Listen Weekly 14: Paper

The rough and the smooth; the plain and the bold; the very special and the yesterday news; this week's music selection is an ode to 'paper'...

Listen Weekly 13: Stitching

Re-introducing the Listen Weekly playlist series for 2019. This week's tailor-made playlist from Hole & Corner HQ delves into the theme of stitching...

Listen Weekly 10: Evening

To coincide with the different times of day reflected across the four covers of our current Nest Issue, we round off the series with our 'Evening' playlist…

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