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Sophie Rowley

As environmental damage and the problem of waste become the defining issues of our era, designers and makers are exploring new ways of looking at their creative processes, with handbags made from decommissioned firehoses, door handles from discarded fishing nets and furniture from bonded industrial dust… 

Time is on their hands

Working with incredible accuracy, cocooned from the outside world, knowing that they have all the time they need to get things exactly right: meet the best watchmakers in the world…

Commune on the power of collaborating

Collaboration is key for Commune, the LA design brand whose golden rules of creativity put respect for the maker at the pinnacle. ‘A lot of people want something from an artist,’ they say. ‘It’s only successful when both parties are proud of the result…’

A rough guide to popular mechanics

The world of kinetic art is full of wonder: sculptural machines that forgo utility in favour of futility, uncertainty and fragility. Meet the people putting the ‘fun’ into function…

The Wonder Plant

From magic spells and a valuable source of Omega 3 oils, to the fibre that is spun and woven into linen – a zero-waste process resulting in one of the oldest, most durable and low impact of natural fabrics – flax is a wonder plant with many uses...

Precious Metal

Leszek Sikon recognised he needed to set himself on a new path. He was working for a big British retailer, having worked up through the ranks more than seven years, and he was feeling burnt out – it was time to seek out a more meaningful future for himself.

The Man Who Makes The Earth Move

At Wildside, his Groundbreaking Devon garden, horticultural firebrand Keith Wiley manipulates what was once a flat field into undulating layers, creating extraordinary perspectives and new habitats for his plants

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