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Dream Weaver

After retiring as head of the Royal College of Art’s knitwear department 20 years ago, the godfather of British knitting has started a second career – at the age of 81. Now John Allen is enjoying a new lease of life, thanks to an unlikely pairing with the fashion designer Jonathan Anderson…

Brothers Beyond

In a rare joint interview, the Raeburn brothers reveal how a shared ethos and childhood in the Kent landscape inspired them to climb to the peak of British clothing design – Christopher with his own fashion label and Graeme for cycle clothing brand Rapha...

When Colour Lights Up Your Face

Armed with a conviction that making can be a force for good, textile designer and natural-dye enthusiast Katherine May isn’t afraid to make a performance out of her passion for colour…

(You Will) Set the World on Fire

Taki Nakazato mixes the traditions of Karatsu ceramics with a thirst for both experimentation and discovery-by-accident, producing his unique, modern take on the Mingei folk art movement…

The Original Sound of Sheffield

Sound recordist Chris Watson – a founding member of the band Cabaret Voltaire – has been on a mission to make us stop and listen to the world since his childhood. The more you do it, the deeper, more powerful the experience, he insists. ‘It’s so easy to do, too…’

The King of Toys

Ron Fuller 1936 - 2017. Spending time in the avuncular, no-nonsense company of wooden toy and automaton maker Ron Fuller was one of those wonderful, life affirming experiences.

The Man Who Makes The Earth Move

At Wildside, his Groundbreaking Devon garden, horticultural firebrand Keith Wiley manipulates what was once a flat field into undulating layers, creating extraordinary perspectives and new habitats for his plants

Remote Working

What drove former dancer Ann Stewart to the backbreaking, cold, unyielding work of dry stone walling, despite being 'the wrong age, wrong sex, and wrong shape?'

China in your hand

David Herbert invites us round for tea to see his incredible ceramics collection the way it was intended  – under a slice of lemon drizzle cake...

The Magic Castle

The late Wendell Castle had been a pioneering spirit in product design for over 50 years. Just don't call him an icon... He may be known as the father of the American studio furniture movement, but Wendell Castle baulks at the suggestion that he is a design icon.

House of Love

The artistic HQ of the Bloomsbury set opens its doors once more to the magical art of conversation... Nestled at the foot of the South Downs near the East Sussex village of Firle, Charleston has, over the past century, become something of a pilgrimage site for fans of the influential collective of artists, writers and thinkers who gravitated there. 

The Green Man

Not content with revolutionising our diet, now he wants to save our soil. Welcome to the gospel according to Craig Sams... Craig Sams has lived a Zelig-like life, having been at the centre of countless landmark moments in the history of the green and countercultural movements since he opened Europe’s first macrobiotic restaurant in London’s Paddington in 1966.

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