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Glashütte: a story of complication

We visit the home of German horology to uncover an unlikely tale of innovation that has survived wars, communist state control et al to emerge as a major player once more…

Crafting Futures: Billy Lloyd at Oaxaca

For the British Council’s collaborative residency programme in Mexico, the award-winning ceramicist and industrial designer Billy Lloyd teamed up with local potter Macrina Matteo and her family in San Marco Tlapazola.

Forging ahead with sculptor Tom Joyce

From the monumental to the microscopic, American artist and iron forger Tom Joyce has melted, smelted and hammered a reputation for dismantling the barriers between art and science. In these previously unpublished photos, he shows us through the making process and takes us behind the scenes of his new exhibition…

Explorer Ben Saunders on his biggest Antarctic test

Explorer Ben Saunders is attempting the first solo and unsupported crossing of Antarctica this month. Here, he reflects on the meaning of modern exploration and on the best decision he’s ever made – on his previous expedition to the South Pole…

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