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The Natural

Mark Hooper learns some country wisdom. ‘Come and work on the farm,’ said Tom. The way he talked, it was hard to refuse. And, for a holiday job, it meant proper money, with little opportunity to spend it, since we’d be working every available hour of daylight.

The ancient arts of Pedro da Costa Felgueiras

In the very first issue of Hole & Corner, we interviewed Pedro da Costa Felgueiras about his work, which almost resembles that of an alchemist. As he has now donated an object for the Cræftiga collection, sold to raise funds for the talent search, we look back on this very first collaboration and his exquisite techniques...

On Form - please do touch

As the only exhibition in the UK dedicated exclusively to stone as a medium, this year's edition brings together some of the most established artists working with this medium today. We took a tour around the gardens to admire the diversity of forms, concepts and the tactile nature of On Form...

Roll Away the Stone

Johnny Messum describes how one of the earliest examples of art in Britain was discovered in the field behind his sculpture gallery, Messums Wiltshire, and how it might persuade us to think of art as fundamental throughout human evolution…

Phoebe Cummings

London Craft Week expert picks

Aside from the Hole & Corner x dunhill Home of Craftsmanship, there are a host of events occurring throughout the capital for London Craft Week 2018. Here, Editor-at-Large and renowned design writer, Tamsin Blanchard, chooses a few highlights…

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