Mesmerised by Murmuration

Mesmerised by Murmuration

Film by Sam Walton

Watch one of nature’s greatest displays in this stunning film featuring a soundtrack by Oscar-nominated composer Dustin O’Halloran…

The starling murmuration over the reed beds at Snape Maltings is one of the most stunning wildlife experiences in the UK. An ever-changing, undulating cloud made up of thousands of birds can be spotted at the autumn around dusk.

Believed to be a signal to neighbouring starlings, attracting them to the area so that they can roost together, murmurations also provide safety in numbers from prey: since it’s harder for individual birds to be picked off when they form one huge, daunting swarm.

As an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty, the marshes and mudflats of the tidal River Alde are a haven for wildlife – with the expanse of reed, water and vast skies providing the perfect backdrop for the acrobatic displays overhead – as witnessed in our stunning film.

Snape Maltings also boasts a thriving centre for music, art and craft: a ‘place of energy and inspiration’ and is part of our Insiders’ Guide to Suffolk – to see more recommendations, click here

The music on the film was composed by Dustin O’Halloran who, among others, made the soundtrack for the 2016 film Lion.

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