Announcing Cræftiga – a new award for emerging talent

Announcing Cræftiga – a new award for emerging talent

Words Mark Hooper

We are proud to announce the launch of Cræftiga, aimed at unearthing the makers of the future…

Launched as part of the Home of Craftsmanship, our residency at dunhill’s Bourdon House as part of London Craft Week, the inaugural Cræftiga award is open to young makers of all disciplines with practices rooted in craft and making.

The winners’ work will be exhibited at the British Craft Pavilion within London Design Fair in September 2018, and will receive mentoring including PR, promotional, design, communication and editorial support from Hole & Corner over the course of a year, as well as insight from our extensive network of makers, influencers and industry leaders.

While we are dedicated to supporting traditional craft and skills, Cræftiga is a future-facing enterprise: we will reward the most innovative and sustainable processes, plus uses and applications of materials.

The award is aimed at anyone aged under 35 on 1 September 2018 and whose work covers the spectrum of art, craft or design. We will be looking in particular for projects that take the heritage of craft and making as inspiration and push it into new, sustainable and innovative spaces.

To raise money for the prize fund, 30 of the finest makers in the UK have donated specially commissioned pieces which were available to view and buy at the Home of Craftsmanship. These items are now available to buy online.


For more information and to enter, visit

Buy Cræftiga objects from our site

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