Fifty High St.

Fifty High St.

We are delighted to introduce Fifty High St. a new shop in Bruton, Somerset for timeless craft and design from the team behind Hole & Corner.

We’re working with selected upcoming and established makers which encapsulate the Hole & Corner ethos; Celebrating creativity, craftsmanship, and heritage. Fifty High St. provides purposeful craft for the home, the useful and the beautiful.


Takahashi McGil

Alongside the store, Fifty High St. will be hosting demonstrations by resident makers, offering an insight into the process behind the product. Offering a unique perspective into their dedication and skill. An interaction which is so often missed in the current consumer climate. Fifty High St. will also provide the opportunity to learn from the maker themselves with workshops and talks within Bruton.

Our initial selection of makers and designers are: HoweAnother CountryHampson WoodsTakahashi McGil, Rachel ScottTracy DixonRuby CreaghLaurie MaunBobby Mills and Franny Owen

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