Book of the week: Nurture by Carole Bamford

Book of the week: Nurture by Carole Bamford

Words Vilma Paasivaara

As we prepare to take part in the Summer Festival at Daylesford farm in Gloucestershire, Carole Bamford’s new book, Nurture, is the perfect way to get into the spirit of things…

Carole Bamford understood the importance of clean food well before it became a trend. She says that when she became a mother what she was feeding her children suddenly became a question she wanted to find answers to. That was the spark that has resulted in Daylesford becoming one of the largest and most successful examples of organic farming – and what she has now translated into Nurture.



Somewhere between a cookbook, a guide to health and wellbeing, a collection of notes and a peek behind the scenes at Daylesford, Nurture offers readers a chance to dive into all different aspects of life on the farm. The book follows the seasons, which naturally dictate the pace of farming, and explains ways in which we can start to bring seasonality back into our lives too. Beginning from spring, it follows the farmers and growers around the creamery, the bakery, the gardens and the kitchens throughout the year – with insights and tips for making the best of every ingredient.



The way in which Carole Bamford has written her book reflects well the fondness for the land and the animals that can be felt at Daylesford. A wealth of knowledge, that has not only accumulated through generations farming but been gathered with care by Carole Bamford through her passion for a sustainable way of living and farming, adds depth and thoughtfulness to this light and beautiful book. At Daylesford, the simultaneous care for detail and the sans souci air of the countryside come together seamlessly, just as they do on the pages Nurture.



Among the seasonal recipes and tips for entertaining, sustainability is one of the key themes of the book; exploring issues like soil health and biodiversity or the secrets of beekeeping. Carole Bamford looks at these important themes from a global perspective whilst giving advice on how readers can translate her knowledge into their daily lives. The value of the land we all live off, taking responsibility for its health and being thankful for what it bears is at the core of her message. Throughout, she emphasises how a well-nourished body, with natural good quality food, will help us attain a well-nourished mind and spirit.

If you are not able to join un next Saturday for the Daylesford Summer Festival and experience the wonderful life on the farm first hand, then Nurture is a good way to bring the farm to your home.


Nurture by Carole Bamford (Square Peg)

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