H&C Recommends: Through the Woods

H&C Recommends: Through the Woods

Words Vilma Paasivaara

Photographs Jaggedart

Kazuhito Takadoi’s SUKIMA

A new exhibition in London examines trees as a source of inspiration as well as material, through those whose art takes you on a journey ‘through the woods’…

Nature and creating with natural materials are at the centre of Jaggedart’s current exhibition, fittingly titled Through the Woods. The collective exhibition, featuring the work of six international artists, explores various aspects, interpretations and details of the theme through different mediums such as sculpture, photography and ‘grass and twig pieces.’

The show includes some impressive woven sculptures by Soojin Kang, made of silk threads and wood, which explore both organic and constructed forms while evoking entangled vegetation growing in the space. Her inspiration comes from different textile weaving techniques, with which she aims to ‘infuse the sense and idea of emotional sustainability through craftsmanship.’ Japanese artist Kazuhito Takadoi has also created a very tangible interpretation of the theme by sourcing grasses, leaves and sticks from his own garden, which he has then sown together and let them dry, mimicking seasonal transformations of colour in plants.

However, ‘the woods’ is not just a source of material but also looked at in a conceptual way throughout the exhibition. Paintings by Philip Braham depict atmospheric and haunting landscapes, while photographs from Paul Schütze explore different views of London’s Hampstead Heath, with the charm and mystery of childhood fairy tales.

The exhibition also features a beautiful window display created by Forest + Found, experts in woodwork, with vessels made from a silver birch Epping Forest.

Philip Braham’s Mirrorpool and Forest + Found’s wooden vessels

As you can probably tell by now, we’re always up for an enchanted journey through the forest – look out for news of the new issue of Hole & Corner magazine, the Natural Issue, out later this week, which includes chef Valentine Warner’s own paean to his favourite woods in Dorset.

Through the Woods is at Jaggedart until the 2 December 2017.


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