Dan Wilton - Crane

Photographed at Lake Hornborgasjön in Västergötland, Sweden in the Spring of 2017, Crane by Hole & Corner contributor Dan Wilton is a study of a very particular interaction between humankind and nature, as he records birdwatchers as they in turn observe the influx of resting and breeding wetland birds. Famed for the migratory cranes that arrive here annually – their distinctive dance and trumpeting call seen as a sure sign of spring’s arrival –the lake attracts some 150,000 (human) visitors within a four-week period each year.

‘The weird light, the flatlands, the backs of humans, their bored dogs, the quirkiness of the whole enterprise of twitchery when observed from an acute angle, turns the everyday peculiar, the familiar strange,’ says Tony Anderson in his introduction to the book.

The watchers watched by Wilton’s steady gaze; cameras seen through his camera, binoculars zoomed-in on: there is a wry yet beautiful air to the scenes he captures as ‘a palpable wetness and coldness seeps from the lake and envelopes all’.

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