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The Changes Issue explores and celebrates pivotal and transformative moments. In the age of the instant online fix, time is now the ultimate luxury: this issue, as ever, is dedicated to those who take the time to do things the right way – whether you’re halfway up a munro in the Scottish Highlands or doing intricate embroidery work in St Paul’s Cathedral…

From the woodworker who inspired a generation of designer-makers to the medieval horticulturalist who invented modern gardening; from the Luddite rebellion to the role of the iPad in art; the magazine is full of moments of change – both great and small. There’s Ben Short, who gave up a life in advertising to make charcoal in the woods. There’s David Reynolds, the founder of Bloomsbury Publishing, on his discovery of Slow Travel.

We also detail our involvement with Port Eliot Festival, London Craft Week and Heal’s Modern Craft Market – but we always stick to the values we hold dear: and that means ensuring the magazine  is as beautifully crafted as the subject matter it explores.

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