The Journey Issue

Introducing the Journey Issue: exploring those people whose work is shaped by landscape…

From the fascinating art/architecture duo Studio Swine to Brunello Cucinelli, whose eponymous fashion label is firmly rooted in the countryside of his hometown of Solomeo, Italy, the connection between people and their environment is vital.

We embark on a series of travel conversations – whether foraging on foot in West Wales with Jessica Seaton of Toast, or scrambling in the hills on motorbikes with Nick Ashley, creative director of Private White VC.

Elsewhere we follow in Sherpa Tensing’s footsteps, go mudlarking on the River Thames, float over the Alps by balloon and get ourselves stranded on a remote Mongolian lake. We hear about epic journeys across Africa by bike, and go in search of Shangri-La as we discover China’s first fine wine and explore the long history of boatbuilding in Plymouth.

Whether on boats, planes, trains or automobiles; underground, overground or rambling free: it’s always as much about the journey as the arrival…

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