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This issue features a first for Hole & Corner: four exclusive, limited edition covers by the artist Charlotte Taylor, celebrating the theme of the home at different times of day.

In Issue 16, we explore the idea of ‘home’ from the inside out and the outside in: we rifle through the drawers of a few of our favourite creative people and speak to some of the best architects in the world. These include Jonathan Tuckey, who joins Maureen Doherty, owner of the store Egg, to talk about the unique home-cum-office project they collaborated on; and Alex de Rijke, director at dRMM, winners of the 2017 RIBA Stirling Prize for their revitalised design for Hastings Pier. Indeed de Rijke’s theories are picked up by the founders of the pioneering estate agency The Modern House.

Elsewhere, we explore the parallels between our own nesting instincts and those of our feathered friends. Witness the incredible work of Andy and Peter Holden, who detail both our their fascination with birds as as builders and perhaps even as artists. Meanwhile, we go birdwatching with gallerist Steve Lazarides, unofficial king of street art.

Developing on the theme of the different times of day at home, Allan Jenkins, editor of Observer Food Monthly and author of a new book, Morning, muses on the importance of the dawn, while Sheryl Garratt, former editor of The Face, writes on Zen and the art of tidying your room. And Mojo senior editor Andrew Male spends a weekend sleeping with books, all in the name of research.

We explore the bohemian history of the artists, boatbuilders and musicians of Eel Pie Island, a living embodiment of a ‘hole-and-corner’ in the heart of London; while artist Sue Skeen offers a poetic paean to her personal library.

Of course, sometimes we only truly appreciate where we come from when we’ve been away: take Mexican weaver Porfirio Gutiérrez, who tells us it wasn’t until returned home from living in America that he rediscovered his roots in Zapotec culture.

Welcome to Hole & Corner Issue 16: make yourself at home…

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