DVD of the week: Richard Batterham, Master Potter

When we met Richard Batterham, the reluctant, reclusive legend of pottery, for Issue 10, he told writer Emma O’Kelly how, instead of worrying himself over ‘offensive’ designs that might sell, he prefers to do things on his own terms, in his own way, the only way he knows how...

The world’s oldest witchcraft museum comes to London

With over 3,000 objects, it is the world’s oldest and largest collection of items relating to witchcraft, magic and the occult. But, unless you happen to be in the small village of Boscastle on the north Cornish coast, the Museum of Witchcraft and Magic may have passed you by...

Taking a punt with rush weaver Felicity Irons

Felicity Irons is one of the last of the English rush weavers, keeping alive a craft that remains unchanged since Anglo Saxon times, using crops she harvests herself from a punt on the river Ouse. How did she learn this ancient art? ‘I taught myself from a book…’

The hidden guide to the Faroe Islands

Steep cliffs, lush green fields and tiny clusters of colourful square houses emerge from drifting fog. Streams rush down rocky paths carved on hillsides as you hear the sounds of sheep emerging through the mists – welcome to one of the most secluded places on earth.

A rare glimpse inside the HQ of porcelain masters Nymphenburg

At Nymphenburg’s Munich headquarters, the fine line between art and craft is blended in a way that only the stillest of hands can achieve, armed with 300 years of acquired skill in porcelain manufacture – but always with the attitude of an open and enquiring mind. ‘You always have to learn,’ says master craftsman Anton Hörl…

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