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Create Connect Craft at Heckfield Place

Introducing 'Create Connect Craft' - a new event format from Hole & Corner that will see us partnering with special venues and likeminded collaborators across the land to offer personal and immersive experiences like never before. We are delighted to announce the first in the series will be in collaboration with Heckfield Place in Hampshire on April 4th & 5th 2019. Our shared ethos and approach to provenance, sustainability and craftsmanship will unite to create the perfect setting for two days of discovery.

Commune on the power of collaborating

Collaboration is key for Commune, the LA design brand whose golden rules of creativity put respect for the maker at the pinnacle. ‘A lot of people want something from an artist,’ they say. ‘It’s only successful when both parties are proud of the result…’

The New Craft Makers’ Manifesto

Is there such thing as a 'New Craft Movement'? If so, how do we nurture it and build upon it to ensure the skills required are developed – to take it to the next level for a new generation? Hole & Corner assembles a panel of experts to discuss the future of making…

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