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H&C Recommends: Not a Brief Glance

A collaboration show at The Gallery in London brings together two artists’ individual responses to the landscapes that surround their homes and workspaces. The exhibition has been inspired by the ever-changing natural and structured environment of Johnny Brophy and Gerard Hastings…

Book of the Week: John Pawson – Spectrum (Phaidon)

For pure ‘does what it says on the tin’ minimalism, this book – essentially a perfect-bound moodboard in hardback – arranges 320 images taken by the architect John Pawson in chromatic order. It starts in white and it ends in black; running through the full colour spectrum in between.

Daylesford’s organic farmer reveals his secrets

As senior farms manager at Daylesford, Richard Smith has arguably the best farming job in England. His vision of sustainable food is refreshingly simple: ‘If you get the basics right, you can expect Mother Nature to look after you,’ he says. ‘But you have to put that effort in…’

Mesmerised by Murmuration

Watch one of nature’s greatest displays in this stunning film featuring a soundtrack by Oscar-nominated composer Dustin O’Halloran…

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