Create Connect Craft at Heckfield Place

Create Connect Craft at Heckfield Place

Introducing ‘Create Connect Craft’ – a new event format from Hole & Corner that will see us partnering with special venues and likeminded collaborators across the land to offer personal and immersive experiences like never before.

We are delighted to announce the first in the series will be in collaboration with Heckfield Place in Hampshire on April 4th & 5th 2019. Our shared ethos and approach to provenance, sustainability and craftsmanship will unite to create the perfect setting for two days of discovery.

BOOK 04/04/19

BOOK 05/04/19

The essence of ‘Create Connect Craft’ is to offer fulfilling and meaningful experiences, combining learning and making – working directly with some of the most talented and respected craftspeople in the country – with delicious food and drink, likeminded company and inspiring surroundings.

The combination of modern luxury and long-term integrity are values that naturally connect Heckfield Place with Hole & Corner. We couldn’t be happier to be working with them to deliver this exciting new offer.

Taking place on Thursday 4th and Friday 5th April, each day will provide the opportunity to experience two entirely different practices, working within small groups whilst using materials foraged from the estate. As well as the making workshops, you will be able to join guided walks and talks of the beautiful grounds, whilst also enjoying a specially prepared lunch menu from Heckfield Place’s acclaimed Culinary Director, Skye Gyngell.

Heckfield Place is devoted to bio-dynamic growing and farming techniques, and has already earned it’s reputation as one of the most authentic – and truly special – places to dine in the UK, with a culture and mindset that ‘it all begins with the soil’.

These events are inclusive and available to all, whether you’d like to simply join us for a day visit, or if you’d prefer to attend both days and stay at the hotel overnight, everyone is welcome.

If you would be interested in enhancing your experience, Heckfield Place is offering Hole & Corner readers the opportunity to extend their day and enjoy the comfort of the house with a special room rate for event attendees.

To ensure everyone receives a personal and immersive experience, each day will host a maximum of 16 attendees, split into two groups of eight for the workshops.


Thursday 4th April:

For our first day, the makers we’ll partner with will be Felicity Irons (rush weaving and basketry) and Jane Ponsford (natural paper making).

BOOK 04/04/19


Friday 5th April:

For our second day, the makers we’ll partner with will be Sebastian Cox / Benchmark (wooden bench making) and Joanne Kernan (cyanotype printing).

BOOK 05/04/19


Felicity Irons / Rush Matters


Heckfield Place


Paper making with Jane Ponsford


Growing at Heckfield Place


Take home your very own handmade bench from our workshop with Sebastian Cox


Cyanotype with Joanne Kernan


Thursday 4th April

Felicity Irons of Rush Matters in Hole & Corner

 Learn the art of rush weaving with Felicity Irons and Paper making with Jane Ponsford.


Felicity Irons is a self-taught rush weaver (‘I taught myself from a book,’ she says) and in 1992 founded her own practice, Rushmatters, one of the last remaining rush weaving companies in Britain. Working from Grange Farm, Felicity grows and harvests her own bulrushes from the Great Ouse river. The rush is gathered and cut by hand in the summer months, and left to dry naturally before being plaited by Felicity and her team into bags, baskets and homewares. Felicity was featured in Hole & Corner in issue 10, ‘Form’.


Jane Ponsford is an artist and papermaker based in London and South East England. She works using repetitive processes, constructing sculptural forms made up of hundreds of near identical fragments to make bookworks, sculpture and installations.

‘I enjoy using this material because it brings together surface and form. It is evocative, reminiscent of documentation and archives. Staining and tearing easily, it can be seen as the receptive surface for forensic investigation or a blank form to catch light or shadow. Much of my work outside involves papermaking. I love the contradictory nature of working with a fragile, ephemeral material in difficult, dirty surroundings at the mercy of the weather.


Friday 5th April

Sebastian Cox in Hole & Corner

Learn woodworking skills with Sebastian Cox / Benchmark and the first photographic technique of cyanotype with Joanne Kernan.


Sebastian Cox is an award-winning British maker and furniture designer, having been practicing and developing new methods from his South London based studio since 2010.

With a deep connection to British woodlands, Sebastian’s work brings together a sustainable design philosophy with an approach to making that both enhances the natural elements of his chosen material whilst also being skilfully refined and contemporary with its finish.

Authentic and honest to the core, Sebastian Cox is arguably the most respected and celebrated furniture designer of his generation.

Benchmark will provide equipment and support for this event, with Sebastian leading both the workshops.


Joanne Kernan is the founder of London-based luxury stationery studio Pompadour Press. Inspired by the works of Victorian botanist and photographer Anna Atkins, Joanne creates artworks using the cyanotype photographic process, originally discovered by the scientist Sir John Herschel in 1842 as a means to reproduce diagrams. It creates a cyan blue silhouette when an object is placed on a reactive surface and develops in UV light – a blueprint. Herschel inspired his friend, Anna Atkins, who made cyanotype images of the flora she collected, earning her place as a founding mother of photography.


Heckfield Place



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