Listen Weekly 04: Scent

Listen Weekly 04: Scent

Our latest Listen Weekly playlist aims to merge the senses, capturing the theme of ‘Scent’ via the medium of sound…

The brief of selecting and fine-tuning playlists to themes such as last week’s ‘Chairs’ – or indeed this week’s ‘Scent’ – demands that we really explore the outer reaches on our combined record collections at Hole & Corner HQ. And for that reason alone, it’s proving to be a rewarding and enjoyable collective project.

This week’s journey of discovery and reacquaintance has unearthed some real gems, including Patti Smith’s cover of ‘Smells Like Teen Spirit’ and two different songs of the same name delivering a message we should all take onboard: ‘Stop And Smell The Roses’.

And on that note: stop what you’re doing, take a seat in your favourite spot and press play. We hope you enjoy the music. Smells good to us…

The tracklist:

01. Holger Cszukay – ‘Ode To Perfume’

02. Francis Bebey – ‘Fleur Tropicale’

03. Jorge Ben Jor – ‘Magnólia’

04. Mac Davis – ‘Stop And Smell The Roses’

05. Patti Smith – ‘Smells Like Teen Spirit’

06. Thee Sixpence – ‘Incense and Peppermints’

07. Television Personalities – ‘Stop And Smell The Roses’

08. XTC – ‘Senses Working Overtime’

09. Cesaria Evora – ‘Miss Perfumado’

10. Grace Jones – ‘La Vie En Rose’

11. Soulwax & Chloe Sevigny – ‘Heaven Scent’

12. M83 – ‘Run Into Flowers’ (Jackson remix)

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