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Backyard Bill in Santa Fe

Shopping with soul: six collectors explain why they keep returning to IFAM Santa Fe – and why making a stand against homogenization is so important...  

Potter Steven James Will on the alchemy of ceramics

Driven by a compulsion to make, Steven James Will justifies his work by making it as 'local and personal as possible.'  It would be hard to find anything more real and local than the very earth he dredges out of rivers with his bare hands, while wild swimming with his dog Otto… 

Mark Reddy on the ultimate object of good – the spoon

For London Craft Week, woodcarver Mark Reddy set up his workspace at the Hole & Corner x dunhill’s Home of Craftsmanship in Mayfair. In case you didn’t get to participate in one of his exclusive spoon carving workshops or see him at work, we caught up with Reddy to talk through why this simple object so captivates him…

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