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Maria Sigma

Weaver Maria Sigma talks about working from home

For London Craft Week, weaver Maria Sigma moves her enormous loom from her home studio into The Home of Craftsmanship. While she demonstrates her work in a new environment, we caught up with Sigma about the delicate art of working from home…

Esna Su

When Turkish students were denied access to study in America in the aftermath of the Iraq War, Esna Su’s future plans were crushed. She was living in Antioch in southern Turkey, just 12 miles from the Syrian border, which was increasingly becoming home to refugees fleeing war and decided to move to London to improve her English instead.

Masters at work

Two experts of their craft, furniture designer Matthew Elton and his father, the sculptor, caster and patinist Andy Elton, sit down to discuss their shared love of material, making and the elemental…

Backyard Bill in Santa Fe

Shopping with soul: six collectors explain why they keep returning to IFAM Santa Fe – and why making a stand against homogenization is so important...  

Jonathan Tuckey

Jonathan Tuckey explains how social history helps him to give old buildings a new lease of life, while preserving their character and heritage...

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