Bid for Pop Eye: a unique limited edition artwork

Bid for Pop Eye: a unique limited edition artwork

Words Mark Hooper

Artist Jim Bond offers the chance to own a piece of Hole & Corner history: the cover star of Issue 09…

One of the stars of our Marvellous Mechanica show for London Craft Week 2016, Blink is a kinetic sculpture by the artist Jim Bond. Featuring an eerily realistic WWII-era glass eye encased within a copper ‘eyeball’, the piece rapidly ‘blinks’ at the viewer when approached.

When we featured the work of Bond – together with that of his fellow artists Martin Smith and Nik Ramage – for the story Popular Mechanics in Hole & Corner Issue 09 (The Movement Issue), there was only ever one candidate for cover star. The first edition of Blink now resides in a private collection in the USA, while the second edition lives in Helsinki: but Bond is offering the opportunity to buy a miniature version via his website. The new work, wittily entitled Pop Eye, is housed within a matchbox and is springloaded so that it jumps out of the box on opening.


Jim Bond at work in his studio

‘I decided to make these mini versions of Blink as a promotional tool to catch the eye of galleries I want to work with,’ Bond explains. ‘I once saw Keith Haring signing and giving away matchboxes and it’s always stuck with me. It’s a great miniaturised scale to work with.’ Each Pop Eye has a handmade copper mechanism that lines a vintage matchbox and is individually numbered and they come in a variety of different coloured eyes. Bond is selling his first Pop Eye by blind auction which goes live today (contact him via his Instagram account – @sculptorjim) and will then sell a subsequent limited edition range…


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