Multi-format release of the week: System

Multi-format release of the week: System

The last in Trevor Jackson’s compilations from his Pre- label features more of his own exclusive graphic design work – and is available on cassette* for the purists…

Appropriately enough for the week of London Design Festival, news of a new release from polyglot Trevor Jackson arrives on the desk of H&C towers… System is the final release on Jackson’s previously unreleased archive label, Pre-, featuring eight tracks originally recorded between 2002-2010.

Typically for DJ-musician-producer-artist-designer Jackson, this second edition (after an initial, ultra limited edition of 150 CDs released at the London Independent Label market in May this year) comes in a series of beautifully packaged formats.

Also in a limited edition (this time of 300), the album is available as a silver disc packaged in a white hand-screenprinted case – as well as an even more exclusive edition of 75 clear cassettes, again in a screenprinted case designed and hand printed by Jackson himself.

Jackson explains that the album is ‘edited and compiled from a series of lengthy nocturnal synthesiser, drum machine and 8 bit sampler improvisations,’ adding that it is also available in ‘Boring digital download’ format…

*For those unaccustomed to pre-download formats, a musical cassette is a portable, non-virtual form of delivering recorded sound, in which a selection of musical tracks are transferred onto magnetic tape in sequential order.

System is released on 28 September;

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