Listen Weekly 02: Gathering

Listen Weekly 02: Gathering

Photographs Katya de Grunwald

The theme we are exploring at Hole & Corner this week is Gathering; the things we collect or harvest, precious objects we treasure, and the way we gather things for our homes…

For the second edition of Listen Weekly, we’ve gathered tunes from the teams preferred artists, both old and new. From the lush soundscapes of Yo La Tengo and Midlake’s ‘We Gathered In Spring’ through to inspired cover versions from Poolside (Neil Young) and Justin Köhncke (Billy Paul), we really hope you enjoy this week’s soundtrack.

Next week, we’ll be exploring the theme of Chairs and Seating…


01. Yo La Tengo – ‘I’ll Be Around’

02. Midlake – ‘We Gathered In Spring’

03. Traffic – ‘John Barleycorn (Must Die)’

04. Tom Petty – ‘Wildflowers’

05. Neko Case – ‘Magpie To The Morning’

06. The Memory Band – ‘Blackberry Way’

07. Poolside – ‘Harvest Moon’

08. Mull Historical Society – ‘Mull Historical Society’

09. Justus Köhncke – ‘Let Em In’

10. Fox the Fox – ‘Precious Little Diamond’

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