Listen Weekly 06: Orange

Listen Weekly 06: Orange

To reference the brilliant late Mark E. Smith, our sixth Listen Weekly playlist is a ‘Curious Orange’…

We’ve been focussing our attention on the colour ‘orange’ at Hole & Corner HQ this week, celebrating the many shades of this vibrant and rich tone. And as is the way now, we’ve lovingly put together a selection of our favourite records to fit the theme.

Beyond the literal mentions such as Edwyn Collins’ excellent original band Orange Juice and the R.E.M. 1988 classic ‘Orange Crush’, our sonic journey took us through a whole spectrum of other orange-related reference points, including the Grand Canyon, the Golden Age, Florida and Vitamin C! We also couldn’t come up with a valid reason to have to choose between two orange-titled tracks from one of our favourite LPs by The Fall (I Am Kurious Oranj), so we selected them both, back-to-back… Here’s to you Mark E.


The tracklist:

01. Timber Timbre – ‘Grand Canyon’

02. Beck – ‘The Golden Age’

03. Driving Music – ‘Orange Traffic Cones’

04. Animal Collective – ‘FloriDada’

05. CAN – ‘Vitamin C’

06. Bill Nelson – ‘Do You Dream In Colour’

07. Orange Juice – ‘I Can’t Help Myself’

08. The Fall – ‘Kurious Oranj’

09. The Fall – ‘Overture from ‘I Am Curious, Orange”

10. R.E.M. – ‘Orange Crush’

11. Led Zeppelin – ‘Tangerine’

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