Listen Weekly 15: Tools

Listen Weekly 15: Tools

‘Tools! What are they good for?! Absolutely everything!’ Welcome to Listen Weekly #15…

This weeks playlist theme is ‘Tools’, items that define our human experience which have allowed us to realise our potential as makers, problem solvers and doers.

Indeed we’re so passionate about these humble and useful objects that we recently released ‘The Story of Tools’, the first Hole & Corner hardback book published by Pavilion. Written by Mark Hooper and photographed by Lol Keegan, each chapter in the book is dedicated to a different tool and the makers that couldn’t operate without their trusty companions.

The playlist itself is an eclectic ride, with tracks such as ‘Chopping The Woods’ by East Forest featuring the sound of axe to wood; Blockhead’s infectious dub electronica ‘Tools of the Industry’; The Staple Sisters classic ‘Hammer and Nails’; and Slow Club’s two-part bonus track ‘Let The Blade Do The Work’, a track that was inspired by the workshops of our Hole & Corner makers tent at Port Eliot Festival.

We return to Port Eliot Festival this July to start cultivating a new area and, as with previous years, we will be soundtracking each day from morning till night. We really hope you can join us there…


The tracklist:

01. Grizzly Bear – ‘Knife’

02. East Forest – ‘Chopping The Woods’

03. Slow Club – ‘Let the Blade Do the Work’

04. The Decemberists – ‘Cutting Stone’

05. Dinosaur Jr. – Start Choppin’

06. Blockhead – Tools of the Industry

07. Peter Gabriel – Digging In The Dirt

08. The Turtles – Buzzsaw

09. The Beatles – Fixing A Hole

10. The Staple Sisters – Hammer and Nails

11. Sam Cooke – Chain Gang

12. Young-Holt Unlimited – Wack Wack

13. The White Stripes – Screwdriver

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