Georg Jensen silversmith Jesper Nordø reveals his secrets

Georg Jensen silversmith Jesper Nordø reveals his secrets

A film by Pete Drinkell

Silversmith Jesper Nordø reveals the processes and history of making a Georg Jensen masterpiece in this exclusive film by Hole & Corner

Silversmith Jesper Nordø started out as an apprentice at Copenhagen’s Georg Jensen in 1989. Talking as he works, Nordø makes crafting the silver Henning Koppel pitcher look effortless whilst explaining, at the same time, that Koppel’s design was a new style in making silver. It was known by silversmiths in the 1950s as an ‘impossible pitcher’ as its organic shape and highly polished surface made it challenging to make.

First formed in 1952, the pitcher is one of Henning Koppel’s most famous pieces. Koppel’s designs played an important role in influencing the signature look at Georg Jensen, particularly in the second half of the 20th century. The designer had trained as a sculptor before turning his attention to jewellery, hollowware and cutlery.

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