Dom Bridges on redeeming seaweed through 'Haeckels'

Dom Bridges on redeeming seaweed through 'Haeckels'

The founder of Haeckels organic seaweed skincare brand and self proclaimed bearded weirdo, Dom Bridges, tells the story of his brand in a Hole & Corner film by Steve Fisher.

Dom Bridges is pretty sure that, in the early days, the locals thought of him as ‘the bearded weirdo on the hill’. But in the last year or so, he’s made slow and steady inroads into rejuvenating the reputation of one of Margate’s most pungent topics of conversation: seaweed. As creator and founder of Haeckels, an organic, seaweed-based skincare brand, Bridges and his foraging trolley have become a familiar sight in the Kent seaside town.

‘Haeckels was borne out of falling out of love with advertising and wanting to create my own brand,’ he explains. ‘It was an experiment to try to make a premium brand that doesn’t feel like it’s made by my mum in a shed in a tie-dye shirt.’

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