Mixing with Brooklyn screen printers EFS Designs

Mixing with Brooklyn screen printers EFS Designs

A Film By Martin Crook & Michelle McCabe

Introducing the beguiling sights and sounds of Brooklyn’s EFS Designs…

Mixing colours through instinct and feeling, silkscreen printing business EFS Designs provides a link between modern technology and old-school hard graft. With two generations of the family-run firm working together (namely Eudoro Fernando Suarez and his daughter Maria), EFS stands as a testament to the entrepreneurial skill of both of them.

‘Part of the EFS mission is to liberate these dusty screens and bring them back to life,’ says Maria. Here, Martin Crook does his best to do just that: recording the sights, the sounds and the deceptive calm behind the 100-year-old red brick factory in Red Hook, Brooklyn.

But don’t let the peaceful mood, the beautiful light and the dazzling designs fool you. Maria talks in awe of the printmakers who ‘work harder than everybody,’ living on a diet of cigarettes and coffee. ‘These are the people that came from Latin American countries and were given an opportunity,’ she says. ‘They’re motivated by raising and providing for their families. All of which would not have happened without Eudoro and his dream for this company.’


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