Help save the award-winning Hastings Pier…

Hastings Pier

Help save the award-winning Hastings Pier…

Having won the 2017 RIBA Stirling Prize, the reimagined Victorian pleasure pier is in danger of being sold to the highest bidder. Here’s how to ensure it remains a community asset…

Talking in our Nest Issue, Alex de Rijke of architectural practice dRMM discussed the Hastings Pier project for which they won the 2017 RIBA Stirling Prize, the UK’s top architecture award. Having brought this national treasure brought back to life, the plan was it for to be run by the locally-owned Hastings Pier Charity as a sustainable, flexible platform, able to accommodate a broad range of community and commercial uses for years to come.


‘Sadly the charity have not had the chance to run it for long,’ de Rijke added, ‘and it might now be sold or leased to cover the running cost…’ With the charity in administration, that situation is now closer to becoming a reality. But, working with the Friends of Hastings Pier, dRMM have come up with a Phase Two plan that could transform it into a sustainable and profitable business.

Hastings Pier Phase Two plan

With the threat of the pier being sold to the highest bidder, the local community is fundraising to ensure that the pier remains open to everyone and continues as a valued community asset that would run all year round – for which dRMM are freely pledging full design and planning services.


They are now seeking corporate and individual support via their crowdfunder page and have two weeks left to meet their £500,000 target – which will, in thir words ‘keep us “in the game”… to demonstrate we have available funds to sustain the Pier in the short term… otherwise the Pier will be sold into private ownership.’ As de Rijke says, ‘it’s down to the administrator’s imagination now…’


You can see dRMM’s plans and make a pledge here…



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