Hole & Corner in Kyoto: In Your Hands

Hole & Corner in Kyoto: In Your Hands

An exhibition from Alan Clarke, Hole & Corner and Sfera.

We were delighted to return to Kyoto last month to host an exhibition with Alan Clarke and Sfera honouring the work of the artisans featured in Issue 18 as well as the broader work and traditional skills employed by generations of Japanese craftspeople.

In Your Hands is an intimate account of the exceptional work of four Kyoto-based artists who, while being masters in their traditional crafts, are developing modern interpretations to fit a contemporary lifestyle.



‘People are seeing how traditional techniques can blend with contemporary design. Many are tracing back to see how these crafts existed in their original form’ Chikako Ueda

Commissioned by Hole & Corner magazine, in April 2018 Clarke travelled to Kyoto during cherry blossom season – traditionally in Japan a time to reflect on the past while embracing the future – to explore the work of lacquer artist Keikou Nishimura, bamboo craftsman Masaichi Ishida, metal crafts maker Chikako Ueda and pottery craftsman Hosai Matsubayashi.

The results were published earlier this year in a 50-page portfolio celebrating of the highly skilled artisans and their collaborations with Kyoto-based product designer Shigeo Mashiro, founder of Sfera.



‘The things we make are normal, everyday things. This doesn’t mean they are mundane; there’s a beauty in everyday things made well’
Hosai Matsubayashi


Saturday 29 June 2019
15.00 – 16.30
Sfera Founder Shigeo Mashiro in conversation with Hole & Corner Founder Sam Walton

17.00 – 19.00
Cocktails | Coffee by Weekenders Coffee

Contact for reservation of the talk
info@ricordi-sfera.com | 075-532-1107

Sfera Building
17 Benzaitencho Higashiyamaku Kyoto 6050086 Japan

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