Michael Ruh's glassware essentials for the table

Michael Ruh's glassware essentials for the table

Interview Vilma Paasivaara

After a busy weekend, working in the courtyard at the Hole & Corner x dunhill’s Home of Craftsmanship for London Craft Week, glassblower Micheal Ruh picks out six of his of his favourite glassware pieces for the table…

Roundy Tumblers

I always prefer these in clear glass for their gesture and stance on the table.  Each Roundy tumbler is unique, and the longer you live with them you begin to see their individuality.

Ruh’s Summer Pitcher and clear Roundy Tumblers

Summer Pitcher

Water is essential at the table – and the Summer Pitcher is a silent servant.  These pitchers are simple but quite difficult to make.  There is a tremendous amount of skill and coordination required from the maker and the assistant to make these objects successfully. On a bad day, don’t even think of trying to make them.

Juice Glasses

These a perfect for bringing a pop of colour to the table – and colour is important, especially in the summer.


Michael Ruh’s Salad Bowls in various sizes

Salad Bowls

Eat lots of salad! I love the quiet surprise of the salad bowls.  The imperfect rims are exactly what excites me about glass as a material: it is a record of my interaction with the material of glass, and an illustration of the process.

Sip Cups

I always think that these are really great for appetisers and pudding. In fact, I cure my own olives, which I pick from the tree in the front garden. I might be biased, but I think there are no better olives on the planet than when served in a Sip Cup.


Ruh’s Hive Jars on the left and him working in the courtyard of the Home of Craftsmanship at Bourdon house

Hive Jars

These need to be resident in the kitchen for storing things.  I have a collection of dried lemons and oranges and I keep that collection in Hive Jars. I’m curious to see how time will change the colour and the transparent glass is perfect for that.



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