In our shop: Emsie Sharp’s one-off glassware

In our shop: Emsie Sharp’s one-off glassware

Photographs James Whitty

As her work marks the second in our Hole & Corner Selects series of curated goods, we examine the inspiration behind Emsie Sharp’s unique work…

Based in her hot glass studio, ‘The Cow Shed’ near Blanford, Dorset, Emsie Sharp specialises in creating wine glasses and tableware, using skills she had honed since learning the trade with the world-famous glass producers of Murano in Venice for three years. In recent years she has moved towards more sculptural pieces, with less focus on functionality – and admits that she is obsessed with technique. It’s clear that her time in Italy with the undisputed masters of her trade has been influential on her work – she talks glowingly of how they work ‘hotter and faster’ than anyone else – although the fact that they allowed an Englishwoman into their secretive world suggests the admiration goes both ways.



There is another looming influence to her decorative work, too. As a child, she lived in Brick House, the 18th-century Essex home of the artist Edward Bawden, and says that growing up ‘immersed in the world of Bawden’ meant she grew up with an understanding and appreciation of art and design.



The added time pressures of working in glass, a highly temperamental material that can only be worked on while molten and malleable, adds an extra dimension to her work. Her expertise in stemware has been recognised by the National Trust, for whom she has worked on wine glass exhibitions, and she largely works to private commissions from word of mouth recommendation. It is for this reason that we are thrilled to feature an edit of her one-off work, available to buy exclusively as the second in our Hole & Corner Selects series of curated goods available to buy directly here.

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