Seven questions with… Fromental co-founder Lizzie Deshayes

Seven questions with… Fromental co-founder Lizzie Deshayes

The experts in hand-embroidered wall coverings and Chinoserie reveal their inspirations, the secrets of the trade – and the importance of smiling…

Tell us a bit about yourself and what you do…

Fromental was founded by Tim Butcher and myself in 2005, the year we were married! We now have a large team around us and it is wonderful to all work to the same aim and vision. We make hand-painted and hand-embroidered wallcoverings fabrics and accessories. Combining the finest skills together with luxurious fabrics, our distinct style blends traditional high-end craftsmanship and artistry with a forward approach to design and creative techniques. We work closely with our clients to create customized designs, which results in unexpected residential projects, hospitality and high-end retail.


What is it that you most enjoy about working with fabrics?

With fabrics, the process is key. We work mainly with velvet and we absolutely love to find out how far we can push the fabric and the discovery of new techniques. Designing wallcoverings is the bulk of our work, whether our own collections or custom projects. There, it is a mix of striving for excellence in design and using the substrate and the materials in interesting, innovative and ultimately beautiful ways.



How did you settle on these particular techniques?

In the case of our more classical designs like Chinoiserie (above), we use Chinese painting skills and embroidery techniques that go back centuries. We tap into that incredible knowhow to try and make our mark in the contemporary decorative arts. New techniques are also developed in our London studio and presented to our painters to explore and assimilate.


What inspires you as a brand?

Excellence in craftsmanship and design, integrity and lightheartedness.


How do you see the brand evolving in the next few years?

We would like to explore decorative pieces more. Our main focus has been on wallcoverings but we would like for our aesthetic to be accessible in more immediate ways.


Cibar in Embroidered Odyssey colours on Stellar silk

Cibar – a more open bamboo design – in Embroidered Odyssey colours on Stellar silk


What collaborations have you done with other brands that you particularly enjoyed?

We recently collaborated with Savoir Beds. We worked with them on the headboard on a wonderful bed combining our new hand-painted design Kiku with Savoir’s fantastic upholstery knowhow. Working with the craftsman at Savoir was a wonderful experience, we truly respected and admired each other’s work and the result was simply beautiful and made us all smile!


What is the best advice you could pass on?

Be true to your values, work hard, strive to learn every day and learn to adapt.

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