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Seven Questions with architect John Pawson

John Pawson’s architecture might be minimal but it is never cold. And when he recently decided he needed some blankets to take the chill off his family home in the Oxfordshire countryside, he thought about them not just in terms of warmth and material but with place and purpose in mind.

Seven questions with... Roxane Lahidji

Designer and self-described 'alchemist', Roxane Lahidji, talks to Hole & Corner about her intense connection to place and nature, how she designs for herself as much as for others, and how she sees the future of sustainable design practices...

Seven questions with... artist Rami Dalle

Today is the last day of Beirut Design Week and so we are introducing you to one more Beirut-based artist. Rami Dalle, who often collaborates with retailers in what he calls 'art meets the mass and the consumer', creates symbolic collages in his workshop with the help of local makers...

Seven questions with... Sayar&Garibeh studio

Second in our series of Beirut-based creatives over Beirut Design Week are Stephanie Sayar and Charbel Gharibeh, who form Sayar and Garibeh studio. Their work focuses mainly on interiors and furniture design, creating simple pieces with a traditional Lebanese design influences...

Seven questions with... designer Khaled El Mays

With Beirut Design Week taking over the Lebanese capital this week, we wanted to take the opportunity to introduce some Beirut-based creatives. Designer Khaled El Mays was born in Lebanon, where he has now returned to form his design practice after studying in New York. He designs mainly furniture with an emphasis on process, materials and the tactile aspect of the pieces we live with...

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