Listen Weekly 07: Morning

Listen Weekly 07: Morning

To celebrate the launch of our Nest Issue, in Listen Weekly 07 we celebrate the sacred time that is ‘Morning’…

Over the next four weeks, we will bring you themed playlists to coincide with the different times of day that are reflected across the four covers, illustrated by Charlotte Taylor, of our new Nest Issue: morning, midday, afternoon and evening.

Due to the nature of this mini-series, we are extending these playlists beyond the usual length, allowing you to press play and enjoy them as individual soundtracks for each period of the day.

Our first, Morning, is designed to gently ease you into the day and then provide the traction you need to get moving… all the way through to being wide awake and ready to make the best of it all.

At 2h19m, we recommend pressing play around 08:41 so that you’re in full flow by 11am!


The tracklist:

01. Sophie Hutchings – ‘Slumber’

02. Troels Hammer – ‘Theme From Ngong Hills’

03. Tindersticks – ‘Sunrise’

04. Sam Cohen – ‘One Day At A Time’

05. Matt Deighton – ‘Tannis Root’

06. Willie Nelson – ‘Blue Skies’

07. The Durutti Column – ‘For Belgian Friends’

08. Courtney Barnett & Kurt Vile – ‘Continental Breakfast’

09. Count Five – ‘The Morning After’

10. Shack – ‘Mood Of The Morning’

11. McDonald & Giles – ‘Tomorrow’s People – The Children Of Today’

12. Ian Dury – ‘Wake Up And Make Love With Me’

13. T.Rex – ‘Mambo Sun’

14. Jeff Beck – ‘Morning Dew’

15. Bob Dylan – ‘Meet Me In The Morning’

16. Johnny Cash – ‘One Too Many Mornings’

17. Howlin’ Wolf – ‘Spoonful’

18. Bonnie “Prince” Billy – ‘Bird Song’

19. Robert Palmer – ‘Woke Up Laughing’

20. The Rascals – ‘A Beautiful Morning’

21. 10cc – ‘Good Morning Judge’

22. Tennis – ‘In The Morning I’ll Be Better’

23. Saint Etienne – ‘4:35 In The Morning’ (Kid Loco remix)

24. Belle & Sebastian – ‘Play For Today’

25. Lewis Taylor – ‘Lovelight’

26. DrumTalk – ‘Out Of The Blackness, Into The Blue’

27. Four Tet – ‘Morning Side’

28. Fleetwood Mac – ‘Everywhere’

29. The The – ‘This Is The Day’

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