Cræftiga judges revealed!

Cræftiga judges revealed!

We are pleased to announce that the judges for the inaugural Cræftiga award will be: Sarah Myerscough, Sean Sutcliffe and Faye Toogood.

Cræftiga, a major new talent search launched by Hole & Corner, is aimed at unearthing the next generation of undiscovered craftspeople. The award is open to young makers of all disciplines whose practices are rooted in craft. As such, we felt it was vitally important to choose judges whose experience spanned the worlds of design, art and making.

‘We are thrilled to be working with three of the most respected names in their fields on the inaugural Cræftiga prize,’ says Hole & Corner founder Sam Walton. ‘Cræftiga represents our dedication to elevating the value and appreciation of craftsmanship at a time when there has never been more need to encourage young designers and makers to embrace sustainability, responsibility and an innovative use of materials.’



Sarah Myerscough is dedicated to breaking down the boundaries between fine art, craft, design and architecture. Since establishing her eponymous gallery in 1998, she has become synonymous with contemporary craft and the use of sustainable materials. She supports and promotes quality of process and practice across disciplines, with a particular focus on woodwork. ‘I am thrilled to be supporting Cræftiga, and in particular discovering what new, innovative design processes and uses of materials people come up with,’ she says. Read our interview with Sarah Myerscough here.



Sean Sutcliffe co-founded Benchmark with Sir Terrence Conran, creating furniture for private clients as well as world-renowned institutions. A responsible and sustainable approach lies at the heart of everything they do, thanks to a deep-rooted belief in the value of craft and craftsmanship. ‘Benchmark has always been committed to developing the next generation of craftsmen and creating a legacy of making and makers,’ says Sutcliffe, ‘so Cræftiga is an initiative we are excited to be involved in.’ You can read our feature of Sean Sutcliffe here.



Faye Toogood is a British-based product designer who has spoken of her desire to ‘industrialise craftsmanship’ by applying a thoughtful design approach to British industry, producing intuitive work for consumers who care about provenance and quality. For her, the vital part of the design process is that everything is made with integrity. ‘As someone who is very passionate about manufacturing and materials, I agreed to help judge the Craeftiga Award because I believe our next generation of craftspeople must be acknowledged,’ says Toogood. ‘Craft is not a trend but our heritage and should be supported as such. I am very much looking forward to discovering new emerging talent.’ Read our interview with Toogood here.

The winners’ work will be exhibited at the British Craft Pavilion within London Design Fair in September 2018, and will receive mentoring including PR, promotional, design, communication and editorial support from Hole & Corner over the course of a year, as well as insight from our extensive network of makers, influencers and industry leaders.

While dedicated to supporting traditional craft and skills, Cræftiga is a future-facing enterprise: it will reward the most innovative and sustainable processes, plus uses and applications of materials.


For more details on Cræftiga, including how to enter, visit:

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