The Reflection Issue

In the Reflection Issue, we take stock and reflect, making the time weigh things up… but also just to admire some nice shiny stuff too.

The Movement Issue

This issue is devoted to the theme of Movement: whether it be found in timepieces, bicycles or boats – from the motion of the body to the mechanics of making.

The Senses Issue

What does it look like when Hole & Corner enters the realms of the senses? Let us take you on a trip through taste, touch, smell, sight, hearing and, perhaps, even the elusive sixth sense.

The Sound & Music Issue

This is a journey into sound… From the harmony of the planets to the sound of hell; from white noise to treble culture: we’re picking up good vibrations….

The Fashion Issue

The best examples of fashion are built on foundations of rare quality – which is why it felt right to devote this issue to uncovering those innovators and mavericks, those who ‘do’ rather than just talk about ‘doing’.

The Changes Issue

The Changes Issue explores and celebrates pivotal and transformative moments. In the age of the instant online fix, time is now the ultimate luxury: this issue, as ever, is dedicated to those who take the time to do things the right way – whether you’re halfway up a munro in the Scottish Highlands or doing intricate embroidery work in St Paul’s Cathedral…

The Things to Learn & Do Issue

'So many people are shut up tight inside themselves like boxes, yet they would open up, unfolding quite wonderfully,
 if only you were interested in them.'

The Balance Issue

This issue is dedicated to getting the balance right. Whether it’s Thea Wright and Ted Kessler rediscovering their dads or Jude Rogers launching her own ode to London.

The Stories of Dedication Issue

The first issue of Hole & Corner magazine explores the roots of creativity, celebrating those who spend more time 'doing' than talking and dedicate their lives to making things the right way.

Take It On The Road

David Reynolds chooses the slowest of drives down the length of America. On smooth, grey tarmac, I drive slowly, pass a pair of deer to my left, and realise that I’ve never driven like this before: unhurried, giving myself as much time as I want to look and think.

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