Visit Hole & Corner × dunhill's The Home of Craftsmanship

Visit Hole & Corner × dunhill's The Home of Craftsmanship

Photography by Dan Weill

For London Craft Week 2018, dunhill’s Mayfair flagship store Bourdon House is being transformed by Hole & Corner into the Home of Craftsmanship…

The townhouse store opens its doors to the public from Thursday 10 May – Saturday 12 May, where Hole & Corner curates a series of live demonstrations, installations, workshops and discussions.

Each room within the home has been transformed, offering visitors the opportunity to witness and experience extraordinary artistry, skill and techniques, under the tutelage of some of the most UK’s most respected makers in their field.

Makers-in-residence include glass artist Michael Ruh and Ironworkers/knifemakers Pole & Hunt, both demonstrating from their own forges in the courtyard; renowned ceramicist Florian Gadsby throwing in the Rotunda Room; wood sculptor Mark Reddy carving on the Lower Ground floor; textile weaver Maria Sigma working live on a loom in the Tailor Room; and two dunhill mastercraftsmen in leather and tailoring from the Walthamstow Factory and Bourdon House in the Mahogany Room.



Alex Pole of Pole & Hunt at his pop-up forge in the courtyard.


Additional to the making experiences, Hole & Corner will present a programme of talks and conversations around the subject of ‘Home’ by bringing together respected figureheads from varying fields. These discussions include ‘Space and Senses‘ (Friday 11 May, from 9am-11am), with renowned perfumer Lyn Harris talking with the talented interior designer Ilse Crawford, and ‘Modern Living’ (Thursday 10 May, 7pm-9pm), with the innovative architect Jonathan Tuckey in conversation with Matt Gibberd and Albert Hill, co-founders of pioneering estate agency The Modern House.

Extending Hole & Corner’s definition of ‘a secret place; somewhere to escape, create and be inspired’, the lower floors of Bourdon House showcase a series of short films including content from the BFI Archive Collection, further exploring the theme of craftsmanship, art and design within dunhill’s private cinema. In addition, the original artwork of artist Charlotte Taylor’s four limited edition covers for Hole & Corner‘s Nest Issue will be on display (for more of which, read here), whilst Alfie’s Café has been transformed into a reading room – the epitome of #myholeandcorner and an official meeting place for London Craft Week visitors.



Maria Sigma, founder of Sigma Woven Textiles, threading yarn through her loom in the Tailor Room. Lighting by Urban Electric.


All of the makers’ work will be available to purchase during the show – as well as an exclusively commissioned series of beautiful objects and products, with 100% of proceeds going to the Cræftiga fund – a new prize for 2018 created to support and reward emerging talent in the fields of craft, art and design.

Keep checking back here throughout the week for profiles on each of our Home of Craftsmanship makers…

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