The Art of Travelling Virtually

Dappled light streams through the branches of a tree leaning above the hidden stepwell. It’s quiet, early morning in the heart of Jodhpur in Rajasthan, and from street level you would never know this architectural gem was here. A high wall surrounds it, nothing indicates what’s beneath. Rajesh, the local environmentalist showing us round, magically produces a key and we push back the battered door and walk down into the space. It’s breathtaking…

Something in The Water

Not content with being one of the few artists using fish leather as the prime raw material in her work, Kari Furre is also one of the pioneers of wild swimming in the UK

Dancing on the Edge

How did an unschooled outlier from choreography’s avant-garde become the darling of the YouTube generation? For Ryan Heffington it’s simple: he makes you want to dance your heart out...

Irish craft road trip

Hole & Corner goes on the road to discover some of the finest makers in Ireland to discover a refreshing approach where balance is paramount and craft is a narrative informing everything they do…

Harvest Moon

Fern Verrow has become a byword for biodynamic farming, forming a relationship with high-profile clients including Nigel Slater and Skye Gyngell that is built on ‘loyalty, honesty, constant communication and, at times, really hard work’

The Prom Queen

Fed up with hearing how classical music should be more diverse and accessible, composer Hannah Kendall decided to take things into her own hands.

Love Objects

The crafted objets d’art gathered over the following pages have been found, bought or passed down over the years – but all have been taken into the homes of some of our favourite creative people to be cherished, a symbol of past journeys that are valued far beyond their monetary cost.

My English Rows

The lavender fields of Foxbury Farm are a fragrant landmark for anyone travelling south through the Kentish Weald – the culmination of 20 years’ work from journalist-turned farmer Jod Mitchell...

My Aim is True

BDDW’s Tyler Hays gave up on selling polymers and plastics to designers to make things out of wood for a ‘crazy ass client list’ of rock stars, celebrities and presidents, with archery evenings that have been compared to Warhol’s Factory.

Three Miles per Hour

Even in a busy city, the canal is a place to discover, to slow down and dream. Hole & Corner set off at a steady 3mph along a stretch of the 2,000 miles of waterways cared for by the Canal & River Trust, taking in the people, the history and the changing landscape...

Lost and Found

Simon Gaiger uses the odd bits of metal and wood offered up by the hedges surrounding his Welsh home for his sculptural work: his tinker’s ethic born of an eclectic childhood lived around the world, from Uganda to the Falklands...

She Sells Sanctuary

You know your tea. But a day spent with Henrietta Lovell – aka the Rare Tea Lady– is enough to prove you’ve been doing it all wrong. As she advises Noma on the perfect accompaniment to their award-winning menu, we join her to discover that reading the leaves is all about how tea makes you feel. Prepare for a stirring experience...

A Spoon Gathering

In the summer of 2016 a rare afternoon spent with some of the UK’s best spoon carvers, in ancient barn-cum gallery space, provided an opportunity for experts and novices alike to commune with nature in a way that offers a ‘kind of therapy’ that’s more than relevant for our current times...

The Motorcycle Diaries

Geoffrey Kent, the award-winning founder and CEO of travel company Abercrombie & Kent, recalls the career-defining 2,500-mile motorcycle trip across the length of Africa that he embarked on at the age of 16...

The Smell of Light

Artist and scent archivist Sissel Tolaas and Omer Arbel, founder of the Canadian lighting, design and manufacturing brand Bocci, meet in Tolaas’s ReSearch laboratory in Berlin – where she houses her collection of over 7,000 individual odours – to discuss how their careers are devoted to approaching the senses in new and unusual ways.

With a Hey Nonny – no?

The traditional, intricate instruments that Claire Dugué painstakingly makes by hand may be the butt of folk music jokes, but she asserts, ‘We really are living in the golden age of the hurdy-gurdy!’

Behind the Wheel

Richard Batterham doesn’t do brash. Instead of worrying himself over ‘offensive’ designs that might sell, this reluctant, reclusive legend of pottery prefers to do things on his own terms, in his own way, the only way he knows how. ‘I like to make something you can hold,’ he explains...

Economy of Scale

Marshall Buck excels at recreating classic car designs from scratch – exactly the same, only smaller. And as one of the world’s premier automotive model makers, his work can change hands for more than the price of a real-sized family hatchback...

A Spanner in the Works

Pink Floyd composer, author and self-professed ‘neo-renaissance man’ – Ron Geesin is many things. He may even be possessed by alien beings (as friend Peter Gabriel claims). But the man himself would rather show us around his unequalled collection of adjustable tools...

Burning love

Originally based in the Caribbean, Rachel Vosper is now one of the leading chandlers in the UK, offering her unique Refill Service – where customers can bring in their own vessels to be turned into candles – from her boutique in London’s Belgravia…

String Theory

Seckou Keita is one of the world’s leading players of the kora, a traditional stringed instrument from West Africa. But what sets him apart is his ability to change and adapt, to make the stories he has learned relevant for all…

Dream Weaver

After retiring as head of the Royal College of Art’s knitwear department 20 years ago, the godfather of British knitting has started a second career – at the age of 81. Now John Allen is enjoying a new lease of life, thanks to an unlikely pairing with the fashion designer Jonathan Anderson…

Brothers Beyond

In a rare joint interview, the Raeburn brothers reveal how a shared ethos and childhood in the Kent landscape inspired them to climb to the peak of British clothing design – Christopher with his own fashion label and Graeme for cycle clothing brand Rapha...

When Colour Lights Up Your Face

Armed with a conviction that making can be a force for good, textile designer and natural-dye enthusiast Katherine May isn’t afraid to make a performance out of her passion for colour…

(You Will) Set the World on Fire

Taki Nakazato mixes the traditions of Karatsu ceramics with a thirst for both experimentation and discovery-by-accident, producing his unique, modern take on the Mingei folk art movement…

The Original Sound of Sheffield

Sound recordist Chris Watson – a founding member of the band Cabaret Voltaire – has been on a mission to make us stop and listen to the world since his childhood. The more you do it, the deeper, more powerful the experience, he insists. ‘It’s so easy to do, too…’

The King of Toys

Ron Fuller 1936 - 2017. Spending time in the avuncular, no-nonsense company of wooden toy and automaton maker Ron Fuller was one of those wonderful, life affirming experiences.

The Man Who Makes The Earth Move

At Wildside, his Groundbreaking Devon garden, horticultural firebrand Keith Wiley manipulates what was once a flat field into undulating layers, creating extraordinary perspectives and new habitats for his plants

Remote Working

What drove former dancer Ann Stewart to the backbreaking, cold, unyielding work of dry stone walling, despite being 'the wrong age, wrong sex, and wrong shape?'

China in your hand

David Herbert invites us round for tea to see his incredible ceramics collection the way it was intended  – under a slice of lemon drizzle cake...

The Magic Castle

The late Wendell Castle had been a pioneering spirit in product design for over 50 years. Just don't call him an icon... He may be known as the father of the American studio furniture movement, but Wendell Castle baulks at the suggestion that he is a design icon.

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