Seven questions with… Ana Cristina Quiñones

Ana Cristina Quiñones, a Puerto Rican designer whose practice is largely based on her research into sustainable materials, talks about her Material Madura series, how to look for material inspiration in a local context and about her hands-on making process…

The Slow Burn

Short gave up an advertising job in London to become a charcoal burner and hedge-layer in Dorset. He isn’t a craftsman, he insists, more of a semi-skilled labourer devoted to The Old Way. ‘I didn’t know what I wanted to do,’ he says, ‘but I knew I wanted to be useful.’

The materials and mechanics of Will Cruickshank

A new body of work by Will Cruickshank is currently on show at the Aspex gallery in the harbour of Portsmouth. Comprising of sculptural pieces in a variety of materials as well as woven wall hangings this quiet exhibition, titled Push and Pull, invites the visitors to walk amongst the pieces and contemplate on their tactile surfaces.

The ancient arts of Pedro da Costa Felgueiras

In the very first issue of Hole & Corner, we interviewed Pedro da Costa Felgueiras about his work, which almost resembles that of an alchemist. As he has now donated an object for the Cræftiga collection, sold to raise funds for the talent search, we look back on this very first collaboration and his exquisite techniques...

Cræftiga judges revealed!

We are pleased to announce that the judges for the inaugural Cræftiga award will be: Sarah Myerscough, Sean Sutcliffe and Faye Toogood.

New Designers - the ones to watch from week one

New Designers gathers over 1,500 students and recent graduates in the Business Design Centre in North London for two weeks of fresh design perspectives. As we take a breath in between week one and two, we've gathered some of the names from the first week we will be watching out for...

Seven questions with... artist Rami Dalle

Today is the last day of Beirut Design Week and so we are introducing you to one more Beirut-based artist. Rami Dalle, who often collaborates with retailers in what he calls 'art meets the mass and the consumer', creates symbolic collages in his workshop with the help of local makers...

On Form - please do touch

As the only exhibition in the UK dedicated exclusively to stone as a medium, this year's edition brings together some of the most established artists working with this medium today. We took a tour around the gardens to admire the diversity of forms, concepts and the tactile nature of On Form...

Seven questions with... Sayar&Garibeh studio

Second in our series of Beirut-based creatives over Beirut Design Week are Stephanie Sayar and Charbel Gharibeh, who form Sayar and Garibeh studio. Their work focuses mainly on interiors and furniture design, creating simple pieces with a traditional Lebanese design influences...

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