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We believe that there is much comfort, inspiration, and food for thought Hole & Corner can offer at this time of isolation from friends and family. We would like to extend this community spirit to our subscribers and beyond by offering a selection of our back issues to share with your nearest and dearest, however distant they may be.

We will send you two for the price of one so you can send a copy to a loved one, parent, grandparent, sibling, or friend. Use the code ‘A Friend To Read‘ at the checkout. If you wish for a magazine or magazines to be sent to a different location you can add the extra address into the Gift message box.

Sophie Rowley

As environmental damage and the problem of waste become the defining issues of our era, designers and makers are exploring new ways of looking at their creative processes, with handbags made from decommissioned firehoses, door handles from discarded fishing nets and furniture from bonded industrial dust… 

Time is on their hands

Working with incredible accuracy, cocooned from the outside world, knowing that they have all the time they need to get things exactly right: meet the best watchmakers in the world…

Commune on the power of collaborating

Collaboration is key for Commune, the LA design brand whose golden rules of creativity put respect for the maker at the pinnacle. ‘A lot of people want something from an artist,’ they say. ‘It’s only successful when both parties are proud of the result…’

A rough guide to popular mechanics

The world of kinetic art is full of wonder: sculptural machines that forgo utility in favour of futility, uncertainty and fragility. Meet the people putting the ‘fun’ into function…

Maria Sigma

Weaver Maria Sigma talks about working from home

For London Craft Week, weaver Maria Sigma moves her enormous loom from her home studio into The Home of Craftsmanship. While she demonstrates her work in a new environment, we caught up with Sigma about the delicate art of working from home…


How often do we look at our surroundings and appreciate the inspiration available on our doorstep? Sometimes a trip to new environments can force us to look at our own vicinity in a different way, or form a connection that unites us.

The Wonder Plant

From magic spells and a valuable source of Omega 3 oils, to the fibre that is spun and woven into linen – a zero-waste process resulting in one of the oldest, most durable and low impact of natural fabrics – flax is a wonder plant with many uses...

Esna Su

When Turkish students were denied access to study in America in the aftermath of the Iraq War, Esna Su’s future plans were crushed. She was living in Antioch in southern Turkey, just 12 miles from the Syrian border, which was increasingly becoming home to refugees fleeing war and decided to move to London to improve her English instead.

Precious Metal

Leszek Sikon recognised he needed to set himself on a new path. He was working for a big British retailer, having worked up through the ranks more than seven years, and he was feeling burnt out – it was time to seek out a more meaningful future for himself.

Fifty High St.

We are delighted to introduce Fifty High St. a new shop in Bruton, Somerset for timeless craft and design from the team behind Hole & Corner.

Listen Weekly 16: Blue

We return to the Listen Weekly series with edition #16 - aka the Blues. Having previously explored the colour orange through music, this time we're exploring the big BLUE...

Take It On The Road

David Reynolds chooses the slowest of drives down the length of America. On smooth, grey tarmac, I drive slowly, pass a pair of deer to my left, and realise that I’ve never driven like this before: unhurried, giving myself as much time as I want to look and think.

Hole & Corner Recommends for August

This August takes us to the seaside for an interactive art installation and on to Regent's  Park to picnic next to world-class sculpture via Peru. This month's recommends highlight events and exhibitions that offer a holiday from the everyday and the fast pace of our daily routines.

Seven Questions with architect John Pawson

John Pawson’s architecture might be minimal but it is never cold. And when he recently decided he needed some blankets to take the chill off his family home in the Oxfordshire countryside, he thought about them not just in terms of warmth and material but with place and purpose in mind.

H&C Recommends for July

July has a veritable plethora of exciting exhibitions on show. With the opportunity to visit the moon (vicariously), see Keith Haring's activism in action and find new inspiration in the creativity of unknown artists this month's creative calendar has something for everyone.

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