Listen Weekly 10: Evening

Listen Weekly 10: Evening

To coincide with the different times of day reflected across the four covers of our current Nest Issue, we round off the series with our ‘Evening’ playlist…

The Nest issue of Hole & Corner broke new ground for us at H&C HQ, switching our cover format to feature four different exclusive illustrations by Charlotte Taylor, each depicting the different times of day. It was one of a number of new approaches we’ve used to further explore our theme of ‘Nest’ – with these Spotify playlists also adding something different.

For Morning, we put together an extended selection to ease you out of your slumber and help provide the traction and energy to start your day right.

For Midday, we recommended an hour of calm and reflection via some of our favourite classical works.

For Afternoon, we brought you warm and uplifting sunshine vibes, celebrating the change of season.

And for Evening, we have aimed to capture that special hour from when the sun sets and the night time begins – sharing some lesser-known songs from artists such as Jim Sullivan and WITCH alongside legendary acts such as Neil Young and Television.

We hope you’ve enjoyed the series. Stay tuned for our next playlist, which will be set to the theme of ‘Family’…


The tracklist:

01. The Moody Blues – ‘The Sun Set’ (Alternate version)

02. Joni Mitchell – ‘This Flight Tonight’

03. WITCH – ‘It’s Alright’

04. The Lyman Woodard Organization – ‘Saturday Night Special’

05. Phyllis Dillon – ‘(This Is) A Lovely Way To Spend And Evening’

06. CAN – ‘One More Night’

07. Neil Young – ‘Tonight’s The Night – Pt.II’

08. Television – ‘Marquee Moon’ (Edit)

09. Traffic Sound – ‘You Got To Be Sure!’ (Bonus Track)

10. Lee Hazlewood – ‘Won’t You Tell Your Dreams’

11. Megan Sue Hicks – ‘Hey, Can You Come Out And Play’

12. F.J. McMahon – ‘Black Night Woman’

13. J.J. Cale – ‘After Midnight’

14. Jim Sullivan – ‘U.F.O.’

15. The Walker Brothers – ‘Here Comes The Night’

16. Flash And The Pan – ‘Midnight Man’

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